WEB Server


Link Layer – Ethernet MAC Core


Internet Protocol Suite


This implementation uses an open source IP core “Ethernet IP Core” as Ethernet MAC sub Layer. Ethernet IP Core is freely available from OpenCores*1.

Stand-Alone Testing

Before implementing the IP Core in the system, check the basic function in the stand-alone environment to avoid implementing issue. The Core is tested under the following environment.

  • OS: Windows XP Cygwin
  • Verilog simulator: GPL Cver*2

Download the archive data from the web site, then extract the data in a work directory.

The following directories are extracted from the archive data. The implementation for this project uses data in trunk directory version.

To simplify the option setting of the verilog simulator, file name is modified if the file name and module name defined in the file is not same.

Make working directories under trunk for .GPL Cver simulation.

Put the following simulation script into work/sim directory as a file named “run_cver.sh”.

Run the simulation scrip t(run_cver.sh) in work/sim. The simulation starts from MII access tests between MAC and PHY, then continues to Ethernet Frame transfer tests..
(Execution Log)